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Official whitepaper, updated 2nd Feb. 2023


Klay Kingdoms is a GameFi/MetaFi project constructed in the metaverse in which users can earn profits by enjoying an interesting strategic RPG game by making use of its Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) assets.

The Klay Kingdoms team was influenced by the Game-Fi model of Defi Kingdom launched on Harmony Chain, which is a successful, ongoing project that maintains an active community. (Total Value Locked (TVL): approximately 1.6 billion USD as of February 2022).

Klay Kingdoms is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) service that provides virtual currency liquidity from metaverse in the form of fantasy pixel art and allows additional interest farming through staking. This allows users to gain additional profits and have fun through various strategic game elements all while enjoying the game’s retro aesthetics and sensibilities. The Klay Kingdoms team is re-interpreting and developing this model, aiming to be the Game-Fi MMORPG of the Klaytn ecosystem.

Why Klay Kingdoms?

The Klay Kingdoms team has been developing and actively investing in the innovative ecosystem brought about by blockchain technology and the growing DeFi service within it. However, tokens issued by existing DeFi services show a steady decline in value, despite their various incineration models and strategies. This phenomenon leads to selloffs by existing stakers and investors, and eventually, a DeFi service’s usage rate decreases sharply.

High returns for investors are undoubtedly a pleasant experience. But what if you could grow and level up your characters in order to gain additional revenue as well as enjoy the high returns offered by a DeFi service? What if we could mint, collect, and enhance NFTs to maximize compensation and revenue? Just imagining that kind of world was exciting, so we jumped into development and Klay Kingdoms was born!

Klay Kingdoms was deeply inspired by "Clan" and "War PVP” (Player vs Player) systems, which are indispensable community elements in MMORPG games. Players can form a clan and experience various benefits in Klay Kingdoms through periodic wars. By holding the governance token, KING, you can obtain decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) voting rights and obtain additional voting rights through victory in the war and through clans. This wonderful experience of having fun through direct and active participation can only be had in Klay Kingdoms.

These voting rights allow players to propose agendas for prioritizing the distribution of the liquidity pool (LP), adjusting the game’s balance, or ideas for a variety of in-game elements. KING token holders can participate in the game’s operation through voting within the community. We are confident that the players will not only enjoy the game itself, but also have a wonderful experience participating in game management and growing as a DAO.

Why Klaytn?

Ethereum's smart contract has brought amazing changes to the blockchain ecosystem. Through this, the decentralized ecosystem in which the blockchain lives is expanding explosively. The Klaytn network is growing steadily by providing a user-friendly interface that takes advantage of Ethereum’s configuration and provides network users with affordable gas fees. Most importantly, Klaytn’s very low gas fees compared to other chains, along with a structure that consists of one block height per second are the main attractions of its network.

Notably, Klaytn is leading blockchain popularization by establishing a corporate operation consensus node through the Klaytn Governance Council, and currently, with Singapore-based Krust as the hub, there is a steady influx of domestic users as well as users in the competitive overseas market. Through close partnerships with foreign as well as domestic companies, the Klaytn ecosystem is expected to continue to expand, and Klay Kingdoms expects to grow together with and further contribute to the expansion and development of the Klaytn ecosystem.

Expansion of the Klay Kingdoms ecosystem

The Klay Kingdoms ecosystem has amazing potential and scalability. SUPERCAT operates Punkland, a platform where anyone can easily create and launch mobile games. Currently, it has a pool of about 20,000 developers and has continued to grow steadily since the launch of the service in 2019. Klay Kingdoms shares ecosystems with P2E games that have the highest sales in Punkland. Many tokens and KING token pairs issued and used in Punkland games, which have achieved a large number of users and sales, are expected to benefit from the influx of the Klay Kingdoms ecosystem with additional rewards and attractive content for existing users.


The Klay Kingdoms team devised a DeFi model that allows users to not only have practical tokens and participate in various strategic investments to participate in high-yield interest farming, but also experience the fun and dynamic community of games through practical participation in game management. Through this, we would like to provide a meaningful profit structure for KING holders, the governance token of Klay Kingdoms, and also a level of fun that cannot be found elsewhere in the Web3 ecosystem. To run this particular model on Klaytn, which, while easy to imagine, has not yet been implemented, the Klay Kingdoms team is preparing to launch a complete service along with dynamic and solid community building.


We will actively expand the Klaytn ecosystem with partners who agree with the vision of the Klay Kingdoms team. Users will experience interesting wars within a DeFi structure that has never been seen before in the Klaytn ecosystem, allowing users and clans to expect additional returns. In addition, through a DAO composed of KING token holders, Klay Kingdoms will experience infinite scalability and develop with a dynamic and mature community. Klay Kingdoms’ reliable partners will be revealed sequentially before the service begins.

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The project's future schedule and roadmap will be announced first through the official community. Regardless of the project, the more you enter and participate in its early stages, the more the rewards you can enjoy are maximized.

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